Plant Stakes: why they’re useful in summer 

Summer brings the peak of garden growth - and with it, the danger of broken stems, floppy flowers and damaged plants.  
Plant stakes offer much needed support to delicate stems that might otherwise break under the weight of flowers or fruit, or in high winds and summer storms. 
In early summer, flowers such as peonies, lilies and irises need supporting before they grow too tall.  
In high summer, flowers including Crocosmia, Cosmos and Eryngium come into bloom, with the threat of summer storms making it especially important to support precious plants. 

Tomato Plant Support: staking tomato plants in summer 

A good, strong plant stake is the best method of staking tomato plants as they start to fruit.  
Simply insert the tomato stake into the pot, grow bag or ground and tie to the tomato stem with string. Make sure the tie is secure but not so tight as to damage the plant. 
It’s also best to ensure the stake is tall enough for the fully grown plant, to avoid changing stakes unnecessarily! 

What are the best greenhouse tomato supports? 

For our plants, 11mm diameter plant stakes often make the best greenhouse tomato supports, and also give sufficient support for tomato plants in pots. Thin enough to insert easily into the soil around tomatoes, they have more than enough strength to support most tomatoes throughout the season. 
For dwarf tomato varieties grown in pots, a 0.75m / 2.5ft plant stake is sufficient.  
For greenhouse tomatoes, 1.2m – 1.5m / 5ft garden stakes will be needed to accommodate the height. 
All our plant stakes are fully weatherproof, UV protected and available in a variety of lengths and pack size options. 
Check out our range of 11mm diameter plastic coated metal garden stakes here – ideal as canes for tomato plants, as well as flower support sticks for those delicate mid to late summer flowers in the garden. 
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