The GardenSkill Story 

Where we came from, where we are today and where we're going next... 

How GardenSkill began with one product 

GardenSkill actually started life more than 40 years ago as a rubber moulding company specialising in the automotive industry (at the time we were known as Essential Equipment).  
In the early 2000s a company approached us to manufacture a mysterious green ball used in the construction of fruit cages. This turned out to be the well-known Build-a-Ball - one of the UK's most popular gardening products. 

How we grew our gardening business 

As keen gardeners ourselves, we soon realised that what many gardeners wanted were products like the Build-a-Ball - products that were simple, well-made and "did what they said on the tin". So we started to make not just the balls but the fruit cages to go along with them - tubes, pegs, garden netting, the whole shebang. Keeping the family name, we called it the Build-a-Cage. Quick to build, weatherproof and fully extendable, the Build-a-Cage is still one of our most popular ranges. 

Pop-ups and beyond 

Our pop up cages and cloches came next, inspired - of all things - by son number 2's pop up laundry bag at university and the pop up fly covers you sometimes see used outdoors to protect food. The idea was to take all the hassle out of plant and crop protection. All you had to do was open the bag and the cage would spring to life - fully formed and ready to cover your home-grown edibles. 
Starting with a simple pop up fruit cage for strawberries, our range grew to include pop up cloches, pop up frost covers, pop up greenhouses and pop up insect guards in a huge range of sizes for growing - well... pretty much everything! We are now probably the largest supplier of pop up garden products in the world, so very much still a big part of what we do. 

Our philosophy: easy build, easy store products that look great in the garden 

Some of our customers joke that what we offer isn't gardening products but blood pressure reduction tools! There's plenty to do in the garden already, so if we can make your life easier and save you a bit of time for the fun stuff, then surely all the better.  
Nor should garden products look cheap and nasty. You spend countless hours planting flowers and mowing lawns to create a beautiful outdoor space to enjoy, so why ruin it with a tatty fruit cage? Our products are designed to functional, but just as importantly they are designed to be attractive. 

GardenSkill: now & the future 

Our range has broadened to include raised beds, grow tunnels, slug control, garden tools, plant drainage systems, organic fertilisers and more. We're constantly developing new products to try and make fruit & veg growing - and gardening in general - an easier and more straightforward pursuit. We have some exciting innovations in the pipeline over the coming year - so watch this space! 
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