Why use garden screening for your outdoor space? 

Gardens can be used for many purposes, from al fresco dining to play areas for children - and, of course, for growing fruit & veg!  
Garden screening can be used to separate different parts of your outdoor space, making each part feel like a distinct area, with different purposes and looks. 
Garden screens are also a great way to achieve a sense of seclusion, offering privacy from neighbours, traffic and passers by.  

What types of garden privacy screens are available? 

Garden privacy screens come in a few styles and material options, depending on budget, taste and requirements. 
Garden trellises are often used for growing climbing plants and crops, but also double up as useful privacy screens or space dividers. Trellises also add a bit of dynamism to your outdoor space, changing in look and feel as your climbing plants grow. 
Standard fencing is a popular and cost-effective choice. Though not always the prettiest option, fences can be spruced up with a lick of paint to offset or blend in with other garden features. Like all timber products, they also need to be treated regularly to ensure a good lifespan. 
Bamboo screen rolls offer natural and lightweight garden screening from neighbours. Bamboo screening rolls can be attached to garden fences, walls, pergolas and other areas using wire, ties or screws, and can really help to give that extra layer of privacy at a reasonable price.  
Metal garden screens lend a high class decorative touch to gardens, as well as being the longest lasting and lowest maintenance privacy option. Usually made of powder-coated steel, metal screen panels generally feature a laser cut pattern that diffuses rather than hides a view completely, and are designed to be features in their own right. 

Why choose a GardenSkill metal privacy screen? 

Our garden decor range is based around attractive, nature-inspired designs that create dappled patterns of light and shadow, bringing a sense of atmosphere to the garden. 
Made from precision laser cut steel, our metal screens not only liven up your outdoor space but offer many years of maintenance and trouble free use
Unlike a lot of other outdoor decor that might look good in a photo but uses cheap and flimsy metal, our screens all use extra thick 3mm steel, giving them a pleasing weight and solidity. 

How to install garden screen panels? 

Metal screen panels can be hung directly on to walls by drilling holes at the top, middle and bottom on both sides. Alternatively, they can be bolted to any suitably sturdy post, such as wooden fence posts. 
Our metal screens can also be concreted into the ground or attached to aluminium posts with feet on hard standing. 
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