Why use a GardenSkill Raised Bed? 

Our Build-a-Bed 250mm high raised beds are one of our most popular products - and for good reason! 
The Build-a-Bed is made from weatherproof and UV protected long-life recycled plastic for years of trouble-free growing. The twin walled plank design helps insulate crops, creating a warm microclimate for healthy, delicious fruit & veg. 
Our raised beds are also modular, meaning they can be easily extended both upwards and outwards to adapt to your growing needs. 
Best of all, our Build-a-Bed Raised Beds are extremely convenient to build. Our standard 1m x 1m raised vegetable bed can be assembled in just two minutes with no tools needed. Larger beds take just a couple of minutes more. Fill them with soil and you're good to go! 

What makes our 250mm high raised vegetable beds unique? 

Unlike other raised vegetable beds, our 250mm high Build-a-Beds feature unique curved edge planks that essentially "lock" together when stacked. 
Flat edge raised beds have a tendency to slip when stacked on top of each other. Instead, the curved concave and convex edges on our raised planter planks fit together like pieces of a jigsaw, leading to significantly greater strength and stability when building double and triple height raised veg bed frames.  

What can be grown in a Build-a-Bed raised veg bed? 

A 250mm high Build-a-Bed raised veg bed is ideal for growing a wide range of crops including cabbages, purple sprouting broccoli, cabbages, fennel, beetroot, salads and much more besides. 
Our double height 500mm high beds are ideal for growing deep rooted crops such as carrots, parsnips and asparagus. 

Can I locate my raised bed on a patio or hard surface? 

Our Build-a-Beds are often used in gardens and allotments but can also be used on a patio, terrace, balcony or decking. We also offer raised bed liners for anyone situating their raised bed on a hard surface. 

How to assemble and extend a Build-a-Bed? 

The Build-a-Bed comes with planks, connectors, locking pins and locking pin caps. 
To assemble, simply insert connectors into plank ends, then insert locking pins into the plank holes to lock the planks and connectors together. Repeat until planks and connectors are all joined. Push locking pins into the ground (pins can be trimmed if locating on a hard surface) and add locking pin caps to finish. 
To extend your raised bed by length or width, simply remove pins and plank from one end, add our straight connectors and more planks, then reconnect to form your extended raised planter frame. 
To extend your raised bed by height, simply build an identical raised bed frame (see above steps) minus the locking pins and place on top of your existing bed. Insert our ultra long 600mm locking pins to connect both frames together. 

What sizes of Build-a-Bed are available? 

The Build-a-Bed comes in a variety of standard sizes, in either 1m or 1.25m plank lengths.  
For small gardens and balconies we'd recommend our 1 x 1m or 1.25 x 1.25m raised veggie bed. For larger spaces we have a range of square and rectangular beds. Our largest standard square bed (and our largest bed overall) is 3.75 x 3.75m. A popular size for many home growers is our 2 x 1m bed, which combines sufficient growing space with easy access. 
However, we can build a raised bed to most specifications, so feel free to contact us at sales@gardenskill.com for a bespoke raised bed quote
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