Stihl BG 86C-E Petrol Blower

Stihl BG 86C-E Petrol Blower

Stihl's top handheld blower.
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Stihl BG 86C-E Petrol Blower - Product Specifications

General Description:
With their hurricane equivalent air speed, Stihl blowers blast away wet leaves in the autumn and help keep gardens, pavements and paths tidy all year round. Simple to use and easy to start, Stihl's blower range also features anti-vibration technology, locking throttle control and a catalytic converter, greatly reducing the quantity of harmful substances in the emissions. The BG86 C-E comes with both flat and round nozzles, and offers enhanced performance air speed. An optional vacuum attachment turns this machine into a blower and vac.

Engine - 27.2cc
Max. Air Throughput - 810m3/h
Max. Air Speed - 85 m/s
Vibration Level - 1.7m/s²
Sound Pressure Level - 90dB
Weight - 4.5kg
Warranty - 1 year

In line with Stihl's trading policy, all items of Stihl machinery should be collected onsite, or delivered, handed over and personally demonstrated by Gardenskill. For more information, and for existing Gardenskill customers, please call 01902 864753.

Stihl BG 86C-E Petrol Blower - Product Reviews

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