GardenSkill Poly Tunnel Cloches

Innovative award winning poly tunnels in a range of sizes. Ideal ground warming and ripening for your crops.
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GardenSkill Poly Tunnel Cloches - Product Specifications

Winner of Garden News’ Best Buy award with a maximum score in each category for the 3m x 1m x 1m version, the GardenSkill Poly Tunnel is an advanced soil warming and crop ripening system that offers uncompromising quality and innovative design inspired by the latest in tent technology. No more bent wire or clumsy hoops! Using high quality polythene and connecting carbon fibre rods threaded through sewn material loops, the tunnel cloche can be erected in minutes, with additional support provided by pegging the guy ropes at either end. When not in use, these rods can be collapsed, folded away with the cover, and kept in the small storage bag provided.

The heavyweight polythene quickly warms the soil for early planting, while zipped closures at both ends regulate heat and humidity and provide easy access to your crops.

The GardenSkill Poly Tunnel offers a generous growing area and is available in four different sizes. It fits over fruit and veg patches, GardenSkill Build-It Raised Beds and other large raised bed systems.

• Simple and quick to build, no tools are needed
• Built to last, requires no maintenance
• Zipped closures for ventilation control and easy access to crops
• Collapsible carbon fibre rods create a super strong cage that also packs down into a small storage bag
• 12 month warranty
Note: Widths at each end may vary according to tension.

GardenSkill Poly Tunnel

3.00m x 0.75m wide x 0.50m high

SKU: GPN200-11
GardenSkill Poly Tunnel - Long
5.00m x 0.75m wide x 0.50m high
SKU: GPN200-16
GardenSkill Maxi Poly Tunnel

3.00m x 1.00m wide x 1.00m high

SKU: GPN200-21
GardenSkill Maxi Poly Tunnel - Long

5.00m x 1.00m wide x 1.00m high

SKU: GPN200-26

GardenSkill Poly Tunnel Cloches - Product Reviews

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