8.5" / 22cm Ground Pegs

8.5" / 22cm Ground Pegs

Secure your GardenSkill Build-It Crop Cage netting with these handy ground pegs.
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8.5" / 22cm Ground Pegs - Product Specifications

Gardenskill ground pegs are ideal for securing netting on your GardenSkill Build-It Raised Beds. Simply hook through your crop cage netting and push through the ground. Great added protection against birds and other garden pests.

• Made from durable weatherproof plastic 8.5 inch / 22cm Long
• Easy to clean and store
• Use with other GardenSkill Crop Cage components to make the ideal cage

Pack of 10
SKU: GSK2159P10
Pack of 25
SKU: GSK2159P25

8.5" / 22cm Ground Pegs - Product Reviews