GardenSkill Pop-Up Anti Insect Cloche

Protect your fruit and veg the easy way! Stops insects, flies and almost all other garden pests from attacking your crops.
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GardenSkill Pop-Up Anti Insect Cloche - Product Specifications

GardenSkill's Pop-Up Anti Insect Cloche is designed to protect your crops from insect attack. Fitted with an ultra-fine 0.6mm mesh cover,

It is great for small patches of carrots, parsnips and other susceptible crops.

Simply open the bag, pop out and pop up - it couldn't be easier!

• Simple and quick to build, no tools needed
• Built to last, requires no maintenance
• Flexible spring steel frame allows cloches to be put up and folded away in seconds
• Strong yet light enough to be moved around the garden with ease
• 12 month warranty

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1.00m x 0.40m wide x 0.40m high

SKU: GPN100-31

1.25m x 0.50m wide x 0.50m high

SKU: GPN100-35


1.50m x 0.60m wide x 0.60m high

SKU: GPN100-38

GardenSkill Pop-Up Anti Insect Cloche - Product Reviews

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