MO Bacter Organic Moss Killer - 20 Kg

MO Bacter Organic Moss Killer - 20 Kg

Phenomenally popular organic moss killer removes moss, leaving no black patches.

MO Bacter Organic Moss Killer - 20 Kg - Product Specifications

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General Description:
Featured in numerous national publications including The Telegraph, The Mirror and The Sun, winner of the Turf Professional Best New Product of the Year award, and endorsed by some of the most popular celebrity gardening experts in the country, the key to MO Bacter's phenomenal success is simple: it is a 100% organic fertiliser that feeds the lawn, destroys your moss and leaves no black debris at all. Sound too good to be true?

The secret of MO Bacter is a bacteria that digests dead moss, removing the need for raking, allied with a slow-release granular fertiliser which eradicates moss by secondary action, feeds grass and improves the condition of your soil. Moss dies from an excess of potassium, and is then digested by the bacteria in MO Bacter (npk: 5-5-20), thus avoiding the nasty black debris common to so many other moss killers.

MO Bacter becomes active when soil temperature reaches 10°C, so for best results we recommend you apply MO Bacter in March through to May, or alternatively in early autumn. In trials two inches of moss was virtually eliminated in a matter of months, with no need for scarifying to remove debris, while stonework was completely unmarked. One 20kg bag will treat a lawn area of up to 200m2, and is completely harmless to other plants and animals.

MO Bacter Organic Moss Killer - 20 Kg - Product Reviews

Recommended on morning gardening program last Sunday on BBC Radio Kent
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