GardenSkill Pop-Up Grow Bag Cage

GardenSkill Pop-Up Grow Bag Cage

Ideal protection for your grow bag plantings.
SKU: GPN100-10

GardenSkill Pop-Up Grow Bag Cage - Product Specifications

The quickest and simplest method of protecting your strawberries, salad crops and other grow bag plantings from attack by insects, birds and other pests. Fitting neatly over standard grow bags, Grow Bag Cages self-assemble almost instantly with no tools needed. Ideal for beginner gardeners and those with small vegetable patches, these cages pop up in seconds for immediate use – simply take out of the bag and you’re ready to go! Supported by a light yet strong spring steel frame and featuring 4mm PPL woven netting, GardenSkill Pop-Up Grow Bag Cages can be moved around the garden with ease, or folded away and stored when not in use. Securing ground pegs included.

•    1.07m x 0.45m x 0.55m high
•    Simple and quick to build, no tools needed
•    Built to last, requires no maintenance
•    Flexible spring steel frame allows cloches to be put up and folded away in seconds
•    Strong yet light enough to be moved around the garden with ease

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GardenSkill Pop-Up Grow Bag Cage - Product Reviews

Useful size, good quality materials
I purchased several of the pop-up products and have used them for a couple of days now.  I already have some similar pop-up net cloches of a different make with which to compare them.  I have both raised beds and pots to cover.

The quality of the materials seems good, and the size and shape of this particular one is ideal.

Two possible areas of concern/ for improvement would be...

Some reinforcement of the ends of the sleeve containing the rods is needed - they have nothing to push against other than the seams.  i worry how long they will last.  I have a pop-up tent/ shelter which has added reinforcement.

More loops to secure the cloche are needed - there are none at the ends, for example, so unless you dig it in, they inevitably ride up. I can't make them completely "insect tight" on my raised bed with slightly uneven soil - to be fair, my plants have been there for several weeks so I can't adjust things.

So, overall a 4 out of 5 for this one.
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