GardenSkill Pop-Up Poly Cloches

The quickest and easiest way pre-warm soil and ripen your fruit and veg
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GardenSkill Pop-Up Poly Cloches - Product Specifications

The GardenSkill Pop-Up Poly Cloche is the ideal ground warming and crop ripening cloche for beginner gardeners and those with small gardens. Built to the same exacting standards as all other GardenSkill products, these cloches are extremely quick and easy to use – simply take out of the bag and you’re ready to go! Supported by a light yet strong spring steel frame and featuring a heavy duty polythene cover that quickly warms the soil for early planting, GardenSkill Poly Cloches can be moved around the garden with ease, or folded away and stored when not in use. They come in three different sizes for use on fruit and vegetable patches, or over GardenSkill Raised Beds and other raised bed systems.

• Simple and quick to build, no tools needed
• Built to last, requires no maintenance
• Flexible spring steel frame allows cloches to be put up and folded away in seconds
• Strong yet light enough to be moved around the garden with ease
• 12 month warranty

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1.00m x 0.40m wide x 0.40m high

SKU: GPN100-32

1.25m x 0.50m wide x 0.50m high

SKU: GPN100-36

1.50m x 0.60m wide x 0.60m high

SKU: GPN100-39

GardenSkill Pop-Up Poly Cloches - Product Reviews

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