Bioclear Premier Moss Treatment, 10kg

Organic moss killer and turf feed. Comes in 10kg bags, ideal for smaller lawns.

Bioclear Premier Moss Treatment, 10kg - Product Specifications

General Description:
Bioclear Premier is an organic-mineral compound NPK granular fertiliser that contains composting bacteria to break down moss and organic matter into nutrients, while feeding turf for up to 3 months.

Bioclear Premier is excellent for use as a conventional "K" (Potassium) fertiliser on lawns, and as a treatment for moss infestation when applied in Spring/early Summer or Autumn.

Sold in convenient 10kg bags for smaller lawns, Bioclear Premier is a highly effective moss killer that does not stain paths, concrete or paving - unlike iron-based moss treatments.

Contains 3% Magnesium that adds an intense green colour to grass, and helps create a healthier lawn that is less prone to weather damage, stress or disease.

Product Contains:
7% Total Nitrogen (N), comprising:
3% organic from dried blood meal, feather meal cocoa shell, vinasses
4% urea nitrogen
3% Total Phosphorous pentoxide
20% Potassium oxide, water soluble
3% Total Magnesium oxide

Bioclear Premier Moss Treatment, 10kg - Product Reviews

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