Cloches & Tunnels

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  • GardenSkill Pop-Up Net Cloche
    High Quality 4mm green woven PP Netting for General Protection

    From £8.95

  • GardenSkill Pop-Up Poly Cloches
    The quickest and easiest way pre-warm soil and ripen your fruit and veg

    From £5.25

  • GardenSkill Pop-Up Insect Net Cloche
    Protect your fruit and veg the easy way! Stops insects, flies and almost all other garden pests from attacking your crops.

    From £5.49

  • GardenSkill Pop-Up Fleece Cloche
    The quickest way to protect your fruit and veg from frost, unexpected bad weather and winter conditions. Ideal for beginner gardeners and those with small growing patches. ON SALE !

    From £5.25

  • GardenSkill Pop-Up Grow Bag Cage
    Ideal protection for your grow bag plantings.


  • GardenSkill Pop-Up Rectangular  Anti Insect Cloche
    Our best selling anti insect cloche - now available in rectangular form. Protects against insects and almost all other garden pests.


  • GardenSkill Net Tunnels
    Our simple-to-build tunnels have zipped, easy-access panels for easy ventilation and watering

    From £25.95

  • GardenSkill Poly Tunnels
    Our simple-to build tunnels have zipped, easy-access panels for easy ventilation and watering.

    From £19.95

  • GardenSkill Fleece Tunnels
    State-of-the-art tunnel for protecting your crops over winter. Ultra-heavy duty fleece protects against frost and poor weather conditions.

    From £30.95

  • Bamboo Bell Cloches
    These elegant and sustainable woven bamboo cloches will help protect your prized plants from predators and light frosts. Available in three sizes, each hand-woven cloche is unique and an attractive addition to your garden.

    From £15.95

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